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Submit your nominations for Serendib awards by visiting our website, provide required details. Choose the nomination category from the drop down list.

Serendib awards are designed for most achieved Sri Lankan and Non Sri Lankan community for their significant contribution to the society.

There are 6 main categories available, as follows

Business awards

Professional awards

Women’s awards

Youth awards

Charity awards

Premium awards

There are 33 sub categories available, as follows

Business Award categories

  • Most Innovative Business Award
  • Young Entrepreneur Award (Age under 40)
  • Small Business Award (Under $1 MIL)
  • Corporate Award (Over $4 MIL)

Charity Award categories

  • Charity Organization of the Year
  • Community Contribution & Harmony Award

Women’s Award categories

  • Most Inspirational Woman
  • Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

Youth Award categories (Aged 16 – 25)

  • Young Business Award
  • Education Achievement Award
  • Young Entertainer Award
  • Youth Sports Award

Professional Award categories

  • Entertainer of the Year Award
  • Performing-Arts Award
  • Education Professional Award
  • Hospitality Award
  • Legal/ Immigration Entity Award
  • Travel & Tourism Award
  • Real Estate Award
  • Sports Award
  • Financial Services

Premium Award Categories

  • Sri Lankan Deshamanaya
  • National Sri Lankan of The Year Award
  • Youth Sri Lankan of the Year Award
  • Spirit of Sri Lanka

Serendib Award’s nominations will be available from 1st of June 2017.

Serendib Award’s nominations entry deadline is on 30th of July 2017.

Anyone can nominate locally or internationally.

Premium awards are most precious and elite award that could be achieved by a Sri Lankan or a Diasporas in Australia.

Life time achievements are for those who have done tremendous services and reached a mile stone through their life time.

Each award is categorized under merits that every nominees have achieved, also please note none of these awards are depend upon commercial elements.

There are three main sponsorship packages available
Silver Sponsor Package $3000.
Gold Sponsor Package$5000.
Platinum Sponsor Package $10,000.

Register online or contact Jaj 0466 970 733 for further information.

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